Circulation Policies


IDs are required to check out materials. All materials are checked out to students as outlined below with fine charges for each school day overdue.

Books – Maximum checkout – 4 books

Two weeks (May be renewed once without book; For 2nd renewal,  need book with you; If someone is waiting on book – just a one week renewal)

$.10/school day ($8/50% cost of book max)

Class Set Books

Six weeks

$.10/school day ($8/50% cost of book max)

Reference Books

Overnight (may be renewed once)

$.25/school day ($8/50% cost of book max)


Overnight (may be renewed once)

$.25/school day (up to price of magazine)


If fines are owed:

Students can’t check out books: (Exception: class set book required by teacher)



Students will receive overdue book/fine reminders during advisory on the day progress report and report cards are issued and as needed. It is their responsibility to come to the media center and take care of these obligations.