Greer High Mission Statement

We build college- and career-ready graduates by connecting students to meaningful educational opportunities that empower them to be productive members of society and lifelong learners.

Our Vision

Students will graduate college- and career-ready, inspired to make a positive difference in society.


We Believe:
1. Students achieve best in a safe and inviting environment where they are engaged in learning.
2. Students must have highly competent and caring teachers, administrators, and support staff.
3. Students must have equitable and high quality educational opportunities that evolve and change to reflect the world around them.
4. A successful educational culture empowers students to communicate and collaborate effectively, solve problems competently, think critically and creatively, and act responsibly.
5. A successful educational culture develops students who are empathetic, respectful, resilient, and act with integrity.
6. Embracing diversity and inclusion leads to mutual respect and breaks down barriers.
7. Education is the shared responsibility of students, home, school, business, and community.
8. Curriculum and instruction must meet the needs of all students and prepare each student for success.
9. Having a growth mindset and demonstrating GRIT (Growth, Resilience, Integrity, Tenacity) in pursuing and achieving goals will help students and staff be successful.
10. Providing personalized learning experiences incorporating technology, real-world relevance, and innovative strategies are essential in preparing students to be successful in today’s world.