Parents should contact their Internet provider on instructions for how to add the Chromebook to their wifi-network. You may also find helpful suggestions on the Google Wifi Support Page.

Will unsafe or inappropriate websites be filtered on the devices?

We do our best to ensure each student's online experience is safe. Before each Chromebook device connects to the Internet, it must pass through district network firewalls and filters. This happens whether the device is browsing on campus on school-owned networks, or off campus using another WiFi router that is providing the Internet connection. Because of security settings built into the device, it must first route its Internet connection back through our district security settings (firewalls and filters) before any website or online resource is accessible. If your child is using the Chromebook at school, at home or at a public library, it will always pass through our web filtering and network firewall system before they can see or access web content. Our web filters are programmed to block inappropriate content as much as possible.

What happens if students have been visiting inappropriate websites?

The district has access to student browsing history whether sites accessed are at school or occur at another location. Inappropriate web browsing is a violation of the district Authorized Use Policy and may result in disciplinary action.