Why Take an Online Class?

  • To learn how to navigate in a digital environment and to successfully complete an online class
  • To take a class not offered at your school
  • To complete High School Units early in order to free up your schedule later in your high school career
  • To resolve a scheduling conflict
  • To make up credits (out of school transfers)
  • To allow participation in FAC or a Career Center by freeing up your schedule
  • To advance and get ahead so you can graduate early

Every GCVSP virtual course that is added to the course catalog is done so for a very strategic and purposeful reason. Our goal is to help the Greenville County Schools student be as successful as possible in obtaining his or her personal and professional goals. For many students, that means completing the HS Diploma in under four years or completing requirements early so as to have room in their brick/mortar schedule for AP and Dual Credit college courses or for multiple classes in specialized areas such as Band, Chorus and Yearbook. For some students, that means having room in their schedule to attend the Fine Arts Center or a Career Center for a half day. For some students, that means being able to take classes that are not offered, or have limited room, at their brick/mortar school. In all of these cases, GCVSP courses can provide an answer. Virtual courses through GCVSP provide the flexibility to ensure that students can pursue goals and dreams.

  • GCVSP offers multiple courses to complete the one unit Diploma requirement for a computer science credit. GCVSP offers two introductory courses that satisfy the one unit credit requirement. Fundamentals of Computing and Discovering Computer Science offer students the opportunity to complete this graduation requirement while in middle school or high school. Both are ONE unit courses taught in ONE semester.
  • GCVSP offers Physical Education 1 (PE 1). This course satisfies the one unit Diploma requirement for PE credit and can be taken by rising 9th graders during the summer between 8th and 9th grade or by high school students. The course includes the Health component (Sex Ed) required by the state.
  • GCVSP offers Adv. Personal Finance. This course satisfies the latest graduation requirement that the State Dept of Education requires for students in 23-24.  GCVSP offers it in a semester version and also in a "Fast Track" version which awards one unit in 9 weeks.
  • GCVSP offers Graphic Design, a Fine Arts course, which satisfies the one unit requirement for a Fine Arts course credit that is required by the Commission on Higher Education for admission to a South Carolina College or University. (USC & Clemson included)
  • GCVSP offers three levels of Spanish courses (CP/Hon) in order to satisfy both the one unit Diploma requirement for a world language credit, and the three unit requirement of many colleges and universities. (Spanish 1, 2, and 3 with Spanish 2 and 3 in both CP and Honors levels)  In 23-24 GCVSP will also offer French 1 and 2.
  • GCVSP offers many courses that satisfy core requirements for a Diploma in both CP and Honors levels. (English 1,2,3,4, Algebra 1,2, Geometry, US History, Govt/Econ etc) 
  • GCVSP offers many classes that complete the education of a student who wants to be well-rounded and prepared for the next step in his educational career. Some of these courses are Cyber Citizenship, Creative Writing, Sports/Entertainment Marketing, Computer Programming, and Fundamentals of Web Page Design.
  • GCVSP offers four AP courses that are often overloaded at the schools that offer them. The virtual AP courses offer a self-directed flexibility that is not usually part of the brick/mortar version of the class. GCVSP offers AP Computer Science Principles, AP Computer Science, AP Macroeconomics, and AP US Government.