Enrollment & Registration

Specific Reasons to Take a GCVSP Class Current Term Information

Quick Step Guide to Registration

To learn more about the program, study this website. Registration dates for registering in GCVSP courses are posted under the heading Current Term Registration at the top of the page.

1. The FIRST STEP is to tell your School Counselor of your intent to take a GCVSP course.  She will direct you to your school's digital application form. Students DO NOT apply using BackPack.

2. The SECOND STEP is to complete the digital application form. The student is responsible for making sure that the digital form has been submitted to the School Counselor. Students DO NOT apply using BackPack.

3. The THIRD AND FINAL STEP is follow-up. Be sure to follow up with your School Counselor. Always FOLLOW UP with your School Counselor. (For Emergency registration after the official registration end date, see your School Counselor.)

* For Summer Term, the School Counselor will email the parent a document with a payment link to MYSCHOOLBUCKS for online payment.  Payment must be made by the published deadline. (Fall/Spring terms do not require a fee)

Check student district email on the first day of class for Welcome information from your GCVSP virtual teacher.

Key Points to consider:

  • GCVSP classes are primarily High School courses and, although structured to address student needs, require the student to manage his or her time and be organized. Teacher instruction is supplemented by web resources so good computer skills are a must. GCVSP courses are approved by the NCAA.
  • GCVSP classes are NOT self-paced. Students must meet weekly deadlines or late penalties are applied. Assignments are rolled out at the beginning of the week and usually collected at the end of the week so that students can manage their own time and pacing in order to submit assignments by the deadline.
  • GCVSP teachers do not regularly meet with students or have daily live sessions; however, they are more than willing to help struggling students with individualized help sessions. Google meets are scheduled each week to accommodate student needs but attendance is optional in most cases. Supplementary review and practice activities are provided.
  • Unlike GCVSP classes in the Fall or Spring, which are free, Summer term classes require a fee.

GCVSP is a Greenville County Schools supplemental virtual program and serves GCS students. Students can take one or two courses per term to supplement their current schedule. Students who are interested in enrolling in a GCVSP class should begin by talking to their School Counselor to determine if GCVSP is a good fit. Virtual courses require that a student be motivated, organized, and have a computer, or device such as a Chromebook, with daily internet access. Greenville County Schools provides multiple options for students whose parents and School Counselor agree that online instruction is a good fit for the student. A summary of all GCS virtual options may be found on the GCS Virtual Programs website.

Since 2012, GCVSP has been Greenville County School's local online program available to GCS students in grades 7 through 12. GCVSP courses are approved by the NCAA.  Although the student may initiate the process, the School Counselor at the school where the student is currently enrolled must approve all applications and register all students. 

GCVSP is a program, not a school or diploma-granting institution, so students do not attend full-time. Students can take one or two courses to get ahead, to repeat courses, or to provide flexibility in their schedule at their school, but they must be enrolled in a regular school to participate in GCVSP. Eligible students can be in either a brick/mortar school or in the district's Full Virtual option. GCVSP provides primarily High School courses in Fall, Spring, and Summer terms; GCVSP classes are free in Fall and Spring but require a payment in Summer.

Parents and students should be aware before registering that if the student withdraws from a regular school in Greenville County Schools to attend a program or school in another district, state or country, he or she will lose access to their GCVSP virtual course. Out of District schools, including but not limited to private, charter, and home schools, do not have access to the GCVSP software or platform.

Students who travel outside the country are in jeopardy of losing access because of unreliable internet. GCVSP courses are deadline-driven; this means that assignments are not rolled out early and assignments turned in beyond the due date accrue a late penalty. For that reason, students should not register if they are going to be without the internet for 3+ days.

If a student is interested in registering for a GCVSP course, he/she should begin by talking with their School Counselor. The School Counselor will direct the student to a digital application form. Students should submit the digital form at the school where the student is currently enrolled. The Counselor will complete the remaining registration process. (For summer term, the Counselor will give the student payment information.) The student does NOT apply through BackPack.

If a GCS Student is enrolled in a GCVSP course and finds that they must withdraw in mid-term, he/she will lose access to their GCVSP course. So, if a student is moving or is to be withdrawn after the course begins, he/she should not enroll in a GCVSP course. This applies to all three terms: Fall, Spring and Summer. Students who plan to travel outside the US are strongly discouraged from registering for a GCVSP course due to the unreliability of internet access and other technical issues that GCVSP cannot control.

GCS Middle and High Schools, and select programs such as the Fine Arts Center, the Career Centers, and the Early College, offer students the opportunity to take high school virtual courses through GCVSP as part of their schedule during FALL and SPRING for free.  Students can also take courses in SUMMER for a fee. In 2022-2023, 3000 middle and high school students took advantage of this option through their school or program. For details, see your School Counselor.