"Being able to go back over reading assignments and view videos multiple times at my own speed helped me learn the material. Since I had access to the course 24/7, I learned to reserve time at the end of the week to go back over difficult material and check my work." - Student, Mauldin High/3.1.2021

"I have grown a lot in time management and in becoming a more independent learner." - Student, Beck Academy/4.22.20

"Thank you for making the course practical, meaningful, fun and interesting all at the same time!" - Parent, Riverside Middle/5.15.18

"I think I did much better not having to compete for the teacher's attention in a crowded classroom." - Student, Greenville Sr. High Academy/12.9.23

"The resources (especially the TED talks and podcasts) were very interesting and engaging, and I understood the material well." - Student, J.L. Mann Academy/7.31.20

"I really like that I can work at my own pace and there are no classroom distractions." - Student, Eastside High/9.22.22

"After I got used to the idea that I might not get an 'instant' response from my virtual teacher, I learned to find answers to questions on my own through the resources provided by the virtual teacher on the course itself. This taught me a lot about relying on myself, doing research and managing my time." - Student, Wade Hampton High/2.12.21

"I just thought virtual PE 1 would be great because I didn't have to dress out in front of others; but, I learned so much about myself and how to be healthy later in life." - Student, Mauldin Middle/7.29.18

"Our daughter is very happy with her virtual class. From what we understand, she specifically likes getting actual feedback from you, the teacher, on her essays/papers. Taking the time to read, review, and comment on an essay requires a lot of the teacher's time. This is a nice change to the usual multiple choice world that many high school students live in." - Parents, Hillcrest High/10.27.20

"This week I did reach my fitness goal. I have been drinking more water than usual and I have been cutting out unhealthy foods. I have lost 2 pounds. My family has been making healthier choices with me too. Me and my family exercise and go on small walks around the neighborhood together. My family has also lost a few pounds themselves. I appreciate this online class in PE." - Student, Fisher Middle/6.30/18

"Thank you for teaching us the importance of multimedia; you were one of the only classes I looked forward to every day. You are the best." - Student, Sterling School/11.1.17

"I want to thank you for all that you did for us this summer. I appreciate all of your prompt communication and the way you provided a wide variety of resources to help me better understand the subject. You made this a seamless experience that benefited me greatly." - Student, Wade Hampton High/8.5.22