Frequently Asked Questions

What is GCVSP?

GCVSP is a 3-term program (Fall, Spring, Summer) that consists of academic courses that GCS students in grades 7-12 take online via the internet to earn credits toward a South Carolina high school diploma. GCVSP courses are primarily High School courses governed by the district’s High School grading rules and the Uniform Grading Policy. GCVSP is not a school so students cannot attend full – time. GCS students can take one or two courses per term to supplement the curriculum they are taking at the school in which they are enrolled. All classes are standards-based and meet state and district requirements; are taught by experienced master teachers with credentials in online instruction; are approved by the NCAA. Most classes are semester-length, but there are yearlong and quarter classes as well. Class dates are aligned with the district calendar and grades are entered in PowerSchool. Classes are asynchronous which means that the assignments are usually rolled out at the beginning of the week and due by the end of the week and students manage their time and workload. Attendance is not taken unless the student is in a school computer lab assigned to a lab period. There are no required Google Meets. GCVSP is a program of Greenville County Schools and does not award high school diplomas. Students must be enrolled in a GCS brick/mortar school to participate.

  1. Most Schools and Programs in Greenville County Schools offer free GCVSP high school courses within their daily schedule during the school year (Fall & Spring terms). The majority of middle and high schools, the career centers, the Fine Arts Center, and the Early College Program have students enrolled in GCVSP most every term. Contact your School Counselor for more information on how to register.
  2. Students who wish to enroll in a GCVSP course for the summer term pay a fee. See your School Counselor for payment options and enrollment info.

How do I find out more about online courses and how to enroll?

Contact your School Counselor for information and search this site.

How much does it cost to take an online class through the GCVSP in summer term?

Contact your School Counselor for payment information and deadlines.

How many classes can a student take? (more than 2 requires administrative approval)

Fall /Spring – Two courses per term
Summer – One Core Course (English, math, US History) or Two Non-Core Courses (all other subject areas) unless student is a senior

What type of student is typically successful in taking online courses?

A successful student should be a self-starter, well organized and able to work alone without supervision. The student must be highly motivated, a proficient reader, and have good computer skills.

Who can participate?

Any Greenville County Schools student enrolled in grades 7-12 that has the permission of the School Counselor and Principal can participate in GCVSP. Students must be currently and actively enrolled in a GCS school in order to participate. (Pre-enrollment in the school district is not considered actively enrolled)

What type of classes are offered through GCVSP?

GCVSP offers only high school courses awarding credit toward the SC High School diploma with the exception of 3 middle school PE classes. Many core courses and electives are available. See your School Counselor for the most current listing. Most courses are offered in both CP and Honors levels. Several AP courses are also offered. All courses are governed by the district and state High School grading policies, including the grading floor for HS courses. (Middle school courses are governed by MS grading policies.) All courses are approved by the NCAA.

What happens if only a few students register for a class?

Classes with low enrollment are cancelled and the School Counselor is notified prior to the first day of class. Counselors are charged with notifying the students. In summer term, if payment has been made, then refunds are mailed within one week of the class start date. If an online payment is made, the small fee charged by the company who facilitates payment is nonrefundable.

Does GCVSP award high school diplomas?

No. GCVSP is a program, not a school, of Greenville County Schools that offers online courses for credit to supplement a student's regular school schedule. The final grades are in PowerSchool.

What type of hardware and software does the student need for GCVSP?

Please review the computer requirements and recommendations listed on the Resources tab under System Requirements to ensure that your computer is capable of adequately handling an online course.

Will there be a teacher?

Yes. Each class has its own online teacher who is experienced and certified in the subject area of the online course(s) he/she will teach, and is accessible to the student through various tools such as online chat, text, Google meets, email and telephone. Online teachers also hold virtual office hours so students can contact them and receive dedicated help as needed. Every course holds an optional weekly Google Meet to address student needs. Every online teacher either has already completed or is in the process of completing the SC Online Teacher Endorsement through the SC Dept. of Education.

After enrolling in the course, when will the teacher contact me?

GCVSP teachers send welcome emails which include the enrollment information to the GCS STUDENT EMAIL ADDRESS on the class start date. The only email address used is the GCS STUDENT EMAIL ADDRESS. Personal emails are not utilized.

How are courses taught?

Virtual courses are taught online through the internet using Google Classroom. Anywhere, anytime (24/7) that you can access the internet, you can log-on and learn. Teachers post materials and assignments for student completion, and communicate via chat rooms, text, Google meets, email, phone, and discussion boards to answer questions. Students upload assignments and take tests through the Google Classroom. Since students have access 24/7, vacations and weekends are not a factor in virtual classes, i.e. class due dates continue uninterrupted.

The virtual courses are asynchronous and deadline driven, not self-paced. Units or modules are rolled out on a pre-determined schedule and students must upload assignments and complete activities on that schedule. Every course has tutorials that explain and describe how to submit work. Students must watch those tutorials and submit work correctly or the work will not be accepted. Late penalties apply when assignments are not submitted by the deadline.

What happens if my computer breaks or the internet is down?

GCVSP is not responsible for the technology of the student. It is the student’s responsibility to have a back-up plan, to keep all work on a thumb drive, and to notify the virtual teacher immediately if there are tech issues. Technology or computer issues are not a valid excuse for either not handing in work or handing in work late. Late penalties will apply when work is submitted after the due date.

Will there be tests?

Yes. Each course has quizzes, projects, and assessments to complete. There will be a final exam assessment/assignment for each course. (contact your online teacher for information).

What happens if I use someone else's work or let another do an assignment for me?

Cheating of any kind, including using AI such as ChatGPT, is considered a violation of the program's Intellectual Integrity Policy and results in a zero for the assignment or test. A second instance may result in an F for the course and the inability to take another virtual course for the remainder of the year. Cheating can be defined in a variety of ways, but basically it is a student who uses information or work done by another source.  All GCVSP courses contain an introductory unit on the Intellectual Integrity Policy. Students must view a slideshow, take a quiz on it, and then sign a contract which states that they will not cheat.

Is there an exam?

Yes, every course has an exam that counts a percentage of the final grade set by the district. GCVSP courses use project-based, nontraditional final exams that do not require a face-to-face proctored session except in the case of State End-of-Course exams. Students taking Algebra 1, English 2 and US History will be required to take the EOC Final Exam at their regular, home school. The date, time and location are determined by the school that enrolls the student in the online class. Students should contact their School Counselor for more details.

What happens if I don't complete all the requirements for the course (including the final exam)?

Any student who enrolls in a virtual course and does not complete all requirements for the course (including the final exam) within the allotted time frame will receive a grade that appropriately reflects the work submitted. The online class grade is calculated into the student’s overall GPA- grade point average. Students have (10) days from the start of a semester or yearlong GCVSP class to drop the class without penalty. Students will receive a grade of WF (Withdrawn/Fail) and a failing grade if a class is dropped after the 10th day from the course start date or the student stops logging in or submitting work. Check GCVSP website calendar for drop deadline and drop procedures.

In Summer Term, what do I do if my child has a camp for a week without the internet? Can he do assignments early or hand them in late without a penalty?

No.  Summer courses are compressed into a 6-7 week time period which necessitates that students work every day to complete submissions. Assignments are rolled out at the beginning of the week and collected on deadlines throughout the week. Late penalties apply to late submissions. The pacing guide dictates curriculum content is covered as well as entry of grades to make sure that all standards are met.   All GCVSP courses are set up with these parameters to maintain the rigor and quality of the courses.

What happens if I have to move in the middle of the term or find out that I will be going to a new school in a different district? (especially in Summer Term)

Students who know they will move in mid-term and have to withdraw from their home school should NOT enroll in a GCVSP course. When they withdraw from the home school, they lose access to all GCS programs, including GCVSP course content. No academic penalty will be assessed, but student will be unable to complete the course. Therefore, if a student is aware that they are leaving the district, they should not enroll in a GCVSP course. Programs such as the Governor’s School for the Arts require that a student withdraw from their home district so students attending the Governor’s School should not enroll in a GCVSP course. Refunds are issued in summer term depending on the situation as determined by the administration.

Can students take classes if they are traveling out of the US?

Students who are traveling abroad are STRONGLY discouraged from enrolling in a GCVSP course due to the unreliable nature of internet access beyond the US. GCVSP is not responsible for issues related to travel and late penalties will apply to work submitted late.