Differences Between GCS Virtual Program Options

GCSVP - K-12 Full Virtual Option (synchronous) GCVSP - Supplemental Option (asynchronous)
All classes are taken online from home Classes are embedded in the student's regular schedule at their home school or they can be taken outside the school day
Elementary, Middle and High School Middle and High School
Application is made through BACKPACK Applications are made through the School Counselor where the student is enrolled
Students required to attend live/recorded sessions on a set schedule every day; attendance is taken Students enrolled in GCVSP receive their assignments for the week usually on Sunday night and all are due by the end of the week letting the student manage his work load and time; daily attendance is not usually taken unless students are participating in an embedded class within a school computer lab with a facilitator
Teachers hired for the Full Virtual option work exclusively with their Full Virtual class students Teachers work as adjunct GCVSP virtual teachers and ALSO teach live classes at regular brick/mortar GCS schools. Therefore, most of the communication between GCVSP students and their teachers is outside the school day (GCVSP teachers do have regular dedicated office hours and host weekly Google Meets)
Principal, assistant principal, counselors and teachers dedicated to the students who have chosen to be enrolled in the Full Virtual option Students enrolled in GCVSP technically "belong" to their home school; GCVSP does not have principals or counselors
Fall and Spring terms only Fall, Spring, and Summer terms

Edgenuity is a third virtual option open to select GCS students in grades 9-12.  The program is designed to offer online courses to students who transfer into a GCS school, usually in mid-term, and are in need of coursework to complete a schedule. Applications are submitted to the Administrator-in-Charge at the school. The administrator requests approval from designated district staff.

VirtualSC is a fourth option open to GCS students in grades 6-12. VirtualSC is the free, state-sponsored virtual program serving all students in South Carolina middle and high schools during Fall, Spring and Summer terms. The registration process, course catalog, eligibility requirements, duration of courses, entry of course grades, and operating guidelines are different from those in other GCS virtual options. See your School Counselor for more information.