Eligibility Requirements:

To get started:  Contact your School Counselor!

Important Notes:

  1. Parents and students should be aware before registering that if the student withdraws from a regular school in Greenville County Schools to attend a school in another school district, state or country, he or she will lose access to their GCVSP virtual course. Out of District schools, including but not limited to private, charter, and home schools, do not have access to the GCVSP software or platform.  Students who travel outside the country are in jeopardy of losing access because of unreliable internet.
  2. GCVSP courses are deadline-driven and asynchronous; this means that assignments are not rolled out early and assignments turned in beyond the due date accrue a late penalty. For that reason, students should not register if they are going to be without the internet for 3+ days.
  3. If a student is enrolled in a GCVSP course and finds that they must withdraw in mid-term, he/she will lose access to their GCVSP course. No academic penalty will be assessed, but the student will lose access to the GCVSP course on the date of withdrawal. Students who are accepted into programs such as The Governors School for the Arts are required to withdraw from the school district, so students who are accepted into SCGSA (South Carolina Governors School for the Arts) should not register for a GCVSP course.   
  4. In summary, if a student is moving or is to be withdrawn either prior to, or after the course begins, he/she should not enroll in a GCVSP course. This applies to all three terms: Fall, Spring and Summer. Students who plan to travel outside the US are strongly discouraged from registering for a GCVSP course due to the unreliability of internet access and other technical issues that GCVSP cannot control.