4K Pre-Enrollment takes place Jan 30-Feb 1.
Four year old Kindergarten programs are offered for eligible students to ensure school success. Parents can pre-register at any school that currently has a 4K program during the pre-registration time. They are not required to live in the attendance area of that school to register at that location. Space is limited. Required information:
  • Child's birth certificate,
  • immunization record
  • social security card
  • two forms of proof of residency (accepted forms of residence is the same as 5K and 1st grade)
  • Copy of government issued ID for enrolling parent
*Pre-registered applicants will be contacted to schedule a screening appointment. Registration does not guarantee enrollment in the 4K program. All registered children are screened and ranked district-wide. Eligibility is based on the academic needs of the child. The state requires that priority be given to those students who can benefit the most.