About Cherrydale Elementary School

Cherrydale Elementary SchoolAdministration

Mrs. Debra R. Johnson, Principal
S.I.C. President, Dr. Sharolyn N Simmons

About Us

Grades: 4K - 5th Grades
Enrollment: 686
School Motto: "Everyday Brings a New Success"
School Colors: Blue, Silver and Red
School Mascot: Panthers

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Cherrydale Elementary School
302 Perry Road, Greenville, SC 29609
Telephone: 864-355-3300 / Fax: 864-355-3361

Our Mission

Purpose: To provide a quality instructional environment with a strong academic foundation that will encourage academic excellence for all students and instill a love of learning beyond the classroom

Vision: To create a learning environment where all children are empowered to BELIEVE & ACHIEVE

Mission: To Promote Achievement. Teamwork equals Achievement and Everyday Brings a New Success

We Believe...

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