Enrichments and Activities

Tiger Pride

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The FCA meets every other Tuesday morning at 7:45 for worship and a speaker.  It is open to everyone who would like to attend, not just athletes.  It will start on Tuesday, August 30. Please see Mr. Snipes for more information. 


The annual yearbook at Blue Ridge Middle School is entirely student-produced.  Students who enrolled and participating in our Yearbook Enrichment take photos, edit pictures, design and modify page layout, and submit the copy-ready file for the yearbook.  Eighth-grade students, under the direction of Ms. Randall, produce a high-quality, low-cost yearbook for students and staff.  The best pricing for the yearbook comes at the beginning of each year.  The longer the delay in ordering a yearbook, the more expensive the book becomes. Please visit LifeTouch to purchase yearbooks, pictures, and yearbook ads. 

Yearbook Webpage

Criminal Justice Program

Purpose: The purpose of the BRMCJP is to establish a rapport and relationship with the law enforcement community and the children of our school.  The program will teach and inform students of the best criminal justice practices in use in today’s environment and will provide a more in depth and hands on approach to the various aspects of law enforcement from crime scene, arrest, courtroom and incarceration.
Eligibility: All students that are enrolled at Blue Ridge Middle including virtual students. Students who have pending charges, on probation or under any type of criminal court sanctions will not be allowed until charges are satisfied.
Dates: To be determined

School Supplies


In the fall of 2012, Mrs. Bigger began an after-school Drama Program available to any student wishing to learn the fundamentals of drama. Students in the Drama Program perform in a school-wide play each year to wide acclaim.  Contact the school office at 355-1900 if you have any questions.


Students explore different scientific fields, concepts, ideas, theories, scientist, questions, and answers based on student interest.  In the past students have decided on projects based in engineering, computer programming, entomology, automation, and marine biology.  The only limits are student interest and imagination.  

Science club is open to 6th, 7th, and 8th graders and meets on Monday's after school 3:30-4:45.

Robotics Teams

Our Robotics teams are a co-curricular activity that occurs during and after school hours. Student design, build, and test robots to compete against other schools in the state. Teams are required to maintain an engineering notebook and document all ideas and iterations. In the 2018-2019 school year, BRMS hosted three competition teams for their first season. The teams brought home four trophies and all received an invitation to the state competition. To obtain a position of a robotics team, students must fill out an application and complete a rubric. Applications are due in March for the following year. 

Extended Day Program

BRMS has an Extended Day Program for students who need a place to be after school.  Students work on homework, have time for group activities, exercise and a daily snack.  For information please contact the school at 355-1900 .

Extended Day Flyer and Application