Blue Ridge Middle School Traffic

 To our parents,

As a member of our community, I also understand the frustrations with morning and afternoon school traffic. In my many years of directing traffic at Mountain View, I saw how important it was that all drivers fully understand how and why regarding traffic. In many cases this helps people to see things from a different perspective and understand why things are done a certain way. I ask that you first understand that there is only so much that can be done in making  school traffic less frustrating  due to the limitations of space, man power, and the number of cars each day. Please take a minute to look over these suggestions and explanations that may assist you in transit to and from Blue Ridge Middle School. I have also added some Traffic laws to further assist you.

Morning drop off:

  1. Please understand that B.R.M.S has two lanes in the front area for cars to drop off students.
  2. Please understand that carpooling and earlier arrival times can alleviate some congestion.
  3. .No student should be dropped off prior to 0730.
  4. Please leave early enough to safely drop your students off. (Being in a hurry opens the door for traffic violations and safety concerns).
  5. Please leave all bad attitudes and anger at home. (This does not belong behind the wheel of a vehicle).
  6. Be patient and courteous to others.
  7. Please understand that there are a large number of vehicles trying to enter and exit a narrow area.
  8. Please allow vehicles to exit the school. (If they can’t get out, you can’t get in).
  9. Please ensure that your child is ready to exit the vehicle upon arrival.
  10. Please ensure that your child knows to only cross the parking lot from the outer lane after traffic has stopped.
  11. Be mindful of students and faculty walking across the traffic lanes.
  12. Please be alert and cut out any distractions during student arrivals or departures. (Cell phones make up, etc).
  13.  Do not leave large gaps in between vehicles upon arrival or departure.  (This is a waste of valuable space that could be used to allow other vehicles in).
  14. Do not stop short of the far cones or the vehicle in front of you. (Stopping short leaves a lot of space in front of you that would allow others to get on the property).
  15. Follow direction of faculty or staff in regards to offloads or departures of students.
  16. Please use turn signals to indicate your intended actions. (Failure to use them is not only unlawful but can cause miscommunication).
  17.  Follow all traffic laws when operating a motor vehicle.

 Afternoon pick up:  UPDATED 2021-2022 Dismissal Procedures 

Afternoon Dismissal

At the end of the day, students are expected to leave the school grounds and return home. If students stay on school grounds after school hours, they must be supervised by an adult and parent permission is required. 

School is dismissed at 3:15pm. Our staff will be here to assist in a safe dismissal of students through 4:00 pm. If a family anticipates difficulty in picking a student up by 4:00 pm, please contact the Taylors Bus Center to arrange bus transportation home or call the school to inquire about BRMS Extended Day Program. Students who have not been picked up by 4:00 pm, will be placed in the Extended Day Program and may be charged a fee. 

Dismissal Procedures:  

ALL CAR RIDERS (6th, 7th, 8th): Will be dismissed to the front of the school  using the Student Accountability System (SAS), with each student assigned a dismissal number.  Car riders are dismissed from 6th period class when their name appears on the board in the classroom. To expedite this process, parents should have the car number assigned to your child clearly visible in the front window of the car. School staff will enter the numbers which notify the system that your child should leave the classroom for pickup. Students are not allowed to leave their classrooms until their name appears on the board. Students who leave class without authorization are subject to disciplinary action. For the safety of our students, a phone call or text to the student from a parent is not authorization to leave the classroom or building. 

6th Grade Car Riders: will exit the building using the main hallway and exit the doors in the cafeteria.

7th and 8th Grade Car Riders: will exit the building using the door at the flagpole, near the 7th grade hallway.

Note: When exiting the parking lot, cars must turn right to leave the school. No cars will be allowed to turn left.

Walkers: Will be dismissed by announcement from the front office. Only students who are identified as walkers in Power School are allowed to walk from school. Parents are not allowed to pick up students in unauthorized areas including bus loading, along the side of the road, or in neighborhoods close to the school. Parents are expected to obey all traffic signs during the posted hours. Law enforcement will be utilized to ensure all traffic rules are followed during drop off and dismissal. 

Bus riders: Will be dismissed by the Student Accountability System (SAS). Bus route numbers will be posted on the dismissal system in each classroom. Students should not be dismissed from their classroom until their bus number is posted on the board. Students who ride a bus should report directly to their assigned location and wait for instructions to load their bus. Students who are in unauthorized areas are subject to disciplinary action.

All Bus Riders: will exit the building using the main hallway and walk through the cafeteria to the bus area.