BCES Student Clubs

News Crew: 

Our awesome News Crew produces a live morning news show every day from a studio in the library.  Our 5 teams of 4th and 5th graders learn how to write the scripts, create announcement slides, manage the Pledge of Allegiance set-up, keep up with events, direct, produce, and rehearse.  We work hard and have a lot of fun!  25 students are chosen each year through the Leadership Application process.  

Safety Patrol:

BCES Safety Patrol consists of 4th and 5th grade students.  Students are selected through the Leadership application process in the spring. Responsibilities include assisting car riders, walking students to class, and raising and lowering the flags.

School Store: 

The School Store consists of 4th and 5th grade students.  Students are selected through the Leadership application process in the spring. Responsibilities include collecting money, making change, restocking inventory, and assisting with managing the lines of waiting customers.  This club takes place every morning before school. 

Battle of the Books: 

Battle of the Books is a trivia competition on 10 predetermined books. Our final team will consist of 5 players and 5 alternates.  One of these students will be our official Speaker to give answers.  We will compete in a regional competition.  Teams who win this round will advance to the finals.  Our final team will consist of 10 students who have read EVERY book.  This final team will be decided by the end of January.  The decision will be based on points earned.  Students can earn points by attending practice, scoring well on quizzes, and knowing the authors' names. Those that make the final team will be expected to finish all 10 books by the end of February.  We will continue to practice to prepare for our spring competitions.


Chorus Club at Brushy Creek is open to 4th and 5th grade students.  Students participate in two evening parent performances (one in December and on in May) with the possibility of additional community performances.  Rehearsals for the 23-24 school year are Tuesday mornings 7:10-7:45 a.m. (Chorus auditions are closed for the 23-24 school year.)

3D Doodler Art Club: 

Students in this club will meet to create 3D art pen activities that encourage problem solving and three-dimensional thinking. Students will be working through a curriculum that starts off by teaching them how to use and troubleshoot the 3Doodler and then moves through a series of activities. From insects to bubble wands, club members will work at their own pace and will use the 3Doodler guides and templates to make cool projects that ignite creativity and critical thinking. 

The Bulldog Players:

Directed by Mr. Hoilett, the Bulldog Players is our school's drama club! During rehearsals, the actors work to improve their stage presence, imagination, confidence, creativity, teamwork skills, and love of the arts. They also work together with the crew to select, create, build, and perform a musical in the spring!

Engineering Club: 

Coming soon in January. . . . Engineering Club!   Application process for fourth and fifth grade students will begin in January.   Look for more information coming from Mrs. V. Lewis and Mrs. Larsen.