Upcoming Events

  • girl showing her mom her school work
  • mother,son,and daughter standing in the school hallway together
  • father and son looking at the boy's school work
  • mother hugging her two daughters in the school hallway
  • boy reading a greeting to in his classroom
  • teacher shaking hands with a student's mom
  • s=father and daughter looking at student's work
  • son and father looking at schoolwork on the wall
  • daughter and mother looking at child's school work
  • son and mother looking at student's school work
  • mother and daughter looking at child's school work on the wall
  • daughter pointing towards her school work on the wall with two parents


Multicultural Day
Join us for our annual celebration of cultures around the world.   Our last Big 3 Event is March 1st during the day. If you would like to help, we are still looking for volunteers.

Cold Weather Guidelines for Recess

Brrrrr! The groundhog saw his shadow. It looks like winter is going to stick around for a few more weeks.  During these cold winter months we follow our cold weather plan when deciding whether or not to go outside for recess.

Cold Weather Guidelines Plan:

Wind Chill Factor 32°F or above: Outside participation allowed with appropriate clothing

Wind Chill Factor of 31° F or below: No outside recess or participation