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Student Chromebook Agreement

All students at Augusta Circle are issued a school Chromebook to assist in their educational experience. Students and parents are expected to be familiar with the expectations found HERE

Chromebook Tips and Tricks

Online Absence Notes

Forgot to write a note for your student’s absence? Fill out an Online Absence Note here.

Here are a few reminders to help you and your student have a successful year at Augusta Circle:

1. School starts promptly at 7:45am.

2. No early dismissals after 1:45pm.

3. Students are allowed to miss 10 school days each year.

4. School is dismissed at 2:15pm.

5. A parent must send a note for ANY absence or it will remain unexcused.

6. Students should be picked up from school no later than 2:30pm.

Please call Daisy Durham, our Attendance Clerk, for more information or with any questions at 355-1200.

Parent Information from Greenville County School District 


Epinephrine (SAVE) Act

The Safe Access to Vital Epinephrine (SAVE) Act, recently approved by the South Carolina Legislature,
allows school districts to store supplies of epinephrine auto-injectors for identified school staff to use in emergencies
for students with allergic reactions. 

Parents and guardians of students with known allergies should continue to provide Epi-pens for their children.
The Anaphylaxis Medication Authorization form must be completed by legal guardian and physician before medication
can be brought to school. You can download that form here.

Parent Backpack

The Parent Portal provides real-time access for parents to their child’s grades, attendance, assignments, and more.


Our PTA has its own independent website.

Registering Your Child

Click here for enrollment information for Augusta Circle Elementary School.

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School Improvement Council

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