Augusta Circle Elementary School

School Profile for ACE


Augusta Circle Elementary School has been the heart of the community
since it opened its doors in 1923 as a four classroom, three-story, red
brick building, originally named the O.P. Mills School. Additional rooms
were then added in both 1937 and 1948. A $600,000 renovation in 1975
was the result of the community’s rally of support when the school board
proposed closing the school. Again in 1992, the board voted to close
the school only to reverse its decision a week later after a strong outcry
from city leaders and area residents. In 2001, the School Board voted to
invest over $6 million to upgrade the school facilities. This project
involved renovating the existing 44,000 SF historical school building and
adding a new 32,000 SF structure. To enhance security, in 2017 the
school’s front entrance was modified to ensure visitors enter the building
via the school office. Augusta Circle Elementary celebrated its 100th
consecutive year of educational excellence in 2023.