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Graduation Information

Important Graduation Information

If you are a senior, please make sure that you fill out this form! 

Graduation Contact Information

Woodmont High School is proud to host a graduation ceremony that allows our students and their guests to fully participate. Any guests that require special accommodations in order to attend the event are asked to fill out this form.

Accommodations Request Form

Spring Play

The Wildcat Players Present Mary Poppins

April 20, 26, 27 - 7:00 pm

April 21, 28 - 3:00 pm

$10 online or at the door. Click below to purchase tickets!

Ticket Purchase

Fee Payments

After April 5, we will not be accepting checks. Cash or Myschoolbucks payments will still be accepted

2024 Prom

WHS Prom Save the Date for Saturday May 11

AP Exam Review Day

The AP Review Day will be on May 4, 2024 from 9:00am - 1:05pm at Greenville High School.

The AP Review Day offers you the opportunity ot take review sessions to solidify what you have learned this year in your AP course. AP Review Day is free to all GCSD students. Ask your AP teacher for the registration link. The last day to register is April 22, 2024. Please be mindful that sessions could close due to class size. 

Spring Testing Dates

College and Career Tests

ACT - February 28

WIN - March 27

SAT - April 10

EOC Dates

English 2 Field Test - April 18

English 2 (Writing) - April 25

English 2 (Reading) - May 2

Algebra 1 - May 7

Biology 1 - May 8

U.S. History - May 9

ACCESS Testing

Date Tested Domain Testing Time
January 30 Listening and Reading 2nd/3rd Blocks
February 6 Writing 3rd/4th Blocks
February 12 Speaking 3rd/4th Blocks
February 13 Speaking 3rd/4th Blocks


SC-ALT Testing

March 11, 1pm - 3pm (LCI and Practice)

March 12, 1pm - 3pm (LCI and Practice)

March 25, 1pm - 3pm (LCI and Practice)

March 27, 1pm - 3pm (Win Testing)

March 28, 1pm - 3pm (Algebra)

April 1, 1pm - 3pm (Algebra)

April 4, 1pm - 3pm (Algebra)

April 5, 1pm - 3pm (Algebra)

April 8, 1pm - 3pm (Biology)

April 9, 1pm - 3pm (Biology)

April 10, 1pm - 3pm (Biology)

April 11, 1pm - 3pm (Biology)

April 12, 1pm - 3pm (English 2)

April 15-17, 1pm - 3pm (SC-ALT Makeups)



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