Pat Cheney

Staff Member of the Month

April, 2015


     Congratulations to April’s Staff Member of the Month, Ms. Pat Cheney.  Pat is one of the folks responsible for the excellent lunches our students have every day, and those who nominated her said that she is a hard worker with a ready smile.  She makes everyone feel special and was even positive and welcoming during the week’s last year when she and Regina had to do “double duty” because of the extended absence of a coworker.

   Pat is a native of Easley, and she has worked at Washington Center for about 18 years.  When not at school, Pat enjoys yard work and reading; and, she loves Washington Center.    She said that the children are a real blessing to her, and she admires the staff for the excellent care they give to them.   

     Pat is an important part of our Washington Center team, and we are glad to recognize her for the contribution she makes to each of us every day.     


Pat Cheney