We are continuing to enjoy a busy month here at school with a number of special activities and frequent visitors. Thursday we toured the building with a group of parents whose Hollis children will be coming to the main campus next year. In August we will be moving over one whole class and a couple of other students, and we look forward to eventually having everyone here on one campus. Also this week SIC met and finalized revisions to bylaws which will be submitted to the State SIC organization. In the opening school packet in August, we will be including a nomination form for SIC for next year, and we hope some of you will consider making a nomination of someone to serve, or perhaps self-nominating.

We now have available a Spanish version of this year’s “Report to the Parents” brochure thanks to translation by Ms. Luisa Gonzalez. Many thanks to her for volunteering to do this. Teachers were asked to send those out to Spanish speaking families today.

On Wednesday we met with our landscape architects and with our district project manager to talk about the nature trail. We are struggling a bit with moving forward with the trail because estimates for doing the actual grading and laying of concrete are coming back far higher than expected. They tell me it is because the economy is doing so well and contractors don’t need work. With that said, I’m happy for the economy, but hope we get someone on our job soon

This has been our last week of community based experiences and field trips and we had groups going out bowling, eating and having adventures at Frankie’s Fun Park. Classroom instruction covered topics as diverse as making flower cupcakes, bumblebees, monsters and national parks. Also, field testing for the alternate assessment continued. On Thursday night our teacher of the year, Sharon Russo, and teachers representing other schools were honored at the district’s Salute to Education banquet.

Next week we will have dog therapy on Monday, and on Thursday the Greenville Symphony is sending a percussionist to perform here. Community Day will be Friday, and Elizabeth Piper has lined up quite a list of visitors who will be with us to share information about their jobs.

Other important dates are May 30 for Awards Day at the Hollis campus and a Yearbook Party on the main campus, and June 1 for Awards Day and Graduation here. Also, you might want to go ahead and mark your calendars for Meet the Teacher from 1-3 on August 18.

That’s it for the week. Have a great weekend and remember next week is a full week, but schools will be closed for Memorial Day on May 29, followed by a full day and then three student half days to finish up the year. Summer is right around the corner.