It has been a busy week for sure with lots of activities, and of course, the weather. Yesterday we had a little celebration to recognize staff members who last month responded so well to a medical emergency involving one of our students who was attending a basketball game off campus. I am always beyond proud of our folks who react so appropriately in pretty much any situation and we look forward to some of our board members coming to school soon to add their congratulations. Also, while all of us had on our colorful shirts, we filmed a thank you video to send to our friends at Buena Vista Elementary School. This week Buena Vista gave us a check for more than $8,000 to finish out what we needed to refresh our classroom technology and to purchase an Activ Table for the media center. Many, many thanks to Buena Vista, and we look forward to sometime soon having a few folks from there come to visit our building and meet students and staff.   

On Tuesday, we had more than 50 visitors from the A4LE (Association for Learning Environments). They arrived right at dismissal, so it was a little hectic, but they enjoyed meeting students and staff and seeing our facility. They could not have been more complimentary, and hopefully they got good ideas for schools they are designing.

This week classes have been studying topics such as measurement, purposes for creating art, and changing light to sound.  One class read a book titled “Stuck” and then made a collage of “stuck items”. Trips, in spite of the threatening weather, were conducted without incident to restaurants, shops, Cleveland Park and a recycling center. Speaking of the bad weather, I need to congratulation all involved –students, teachers, support staff, and parents for responding so well to the “shelter in place” on Monday. We could not have asked for better cooperation, and classroom folks did a great job of getting students into our safest locations.   

On Monday a representative from the animal shelter came with an adorable puppy for our students to hold and play with, and on Tuesday we had our monthly fire drill. On Thursday PTA met to work on plans for the April 29 “Run, Walk and Roll”, and they asked that I continue to encourage you to volunteer to help with the event and/or to register and participate.  Some of our Eastside High School friends will be masters of ceremonies this year, and we think it is going to be lots of fun. 

The week we come back from break we have classes going shopping, bowling and eating out, and some of our students will be enjoying a trip to the zoo. On Wednesday of that week, about half the students and more than 100 Riverside High students will be going to Furman for Special Olympics. That is always a special day, and this year our own Jesse James will be the torch bearer.

I have also been asked to let you know that the Human Resources Department has scheduled another job fair---this time on April 18 from 5-7 at Southside High School. They are looking for bus drivers and aides, custodians and food service workers. If you know of someone whom you think might be interested in going to work for the district in one of these positions, please let them know.

Mark calendars for the week of April 23rd when we will have our annual Spirit Week here at Washington Center. We are going to do this a little differently this year in that instead of collecting money to donate, we are going to ask students to bring in canned goods that we can give to one of the local food banks. You will be hearing more about this a little later from Samantha Stansell. Also coming up will be Craft Day on May 5, and on May 21, Lisa Porter and Terri Wilson will be going to Charleston to receive a donation from the Knights of Columbus Hope Foundation. This money will be used to support the purchase of additional movement equipment. Community Day will be on May 26 and graduation on June 1. 

Enjoy your break, and we look forward to everyone’s safe return on the 18th.