We have had great news on the donation side this week in that on Thursday I went over to Sara Collins where the students there presented us with a check for more than $1800 to go toward the nature trail. Their kindergarten through fifth graders raised the money in three days as a part of their “Pay it Forward” effort. Unbelievable.  Then today, representatives from the Knights of Columbus came to school and gave us another donation from a fund raiser they had conducted on behalf of Washington Center. We are most grateful to them for all the support we have received from the Knights over the years. 

Speaking of the nature trail, we have decided on benches and that order is underway. Also, we have the final --- or what we hope will be the final---plans and have contractors looking at them to give us estimates on what it will cost for them to actually lay the ADA compliant trail. Actually pouring the concrete will be the next step. 

As always, our students were out and about this week. Groups went horseback riding, shopping, eating out and bowling. Next week we have a group going to Mice on Main and multiple other destinations. Also this week some classes watched portions of the “Sound of Music” and talked about different ways in which sound was used to tell the story and which instruments used. Other classes talked about changing light to sound and one group even used scenes from “Beauty and the Beast” to develop vocabulary and explore the concept of theme. Next week Riverside students will be here on Friday to get to know the students they will be with for the Special Olympics event and we always look forward to having those enthusiastic young people on campus.

I met with members of the PTA board today and they asked me to again encourage parents to get involved in PTA activities, particularly as they get ready for April 29th’s “Run, Walk and Roll”. They really need help for this initiative and for activities for the coming year, so if you are willing to give some of your time, it will be greatly appreciated. Also, they still need prizes for the “Run, Walk and Roll”, so if your business helps out with things like tickets to event or sample items, the PTA would love to receive donations.

That covers it for us. Enjoy the weekend and we will look forward to seeing everyone on Monday. Don’t forget, Spring Break will be April 11-14.