We were thrilled on Tuesday to receive our check for $37,000 from the Margaret Linder Southern Endowment. That money will be used to update classroom technology, and we are very much looking forward to getting the new equipment into classrooms. Also this week, as a thank you for students’ participation in the SEC pen pal program, Bon Secour and their corporate sponsors have given us enough tickets and box seats for four of our classes to attend a SEC Tournament basketball game on March 1. We also have an opportunity for folks who might have young children who would enjoy attending the annual Character Breakfast sponsored by the SC Children’s Theater. This event will be held on March 11 from 8:30am to 10:00 am at the Poinsett Club. It is always lots of fun for young children, especially ones with a “princess obsession”. If you are interested in tickets, please let Denise know (355-0250) by next Friday. After that, any tickets that are left will be made available to staff members so some of them can take their children. Additionally, Jennifer Lancaster asked me to remind parents of students who participated in the recent reading challenge to look for hockey game tickets in a folder being sent home.

This week we had our first dog therapy session with a puppy from the Humane Society, and staff members participated in sessions on “Dealing with Grief in the Workplace”, provided by Tim Wilkerson. Student groups went shopping, bowling and eating out, and at school they talked about various African American individuals who have made significant contributions to our society. In the media center they read “We’re going on a Bear Hunt” and “What Was the Boston Tea Party?”, and many Valentine pictures and cards were generated.

Next week will be our annual Valentine pageant and dance, and Erin Sosebee and her committee have been working hard to get everything ready. Our older teens will be escorted down the red carpet by students from Shannon Forest Christian School and ones from Eastside High School, and I am sure everyone will have lots of fun. Also, on Wednesday, SIC will meet at 1.

Please don’t forget to register for Washington Center’s annual “Run, Walk and Roll” to be held on April 29. You can register from our website, and volunteers will be especially welcome.

I hope everyone will have a good weekend and we will look forward to everyone being back on Monday.