We have had a number of visitors in the last couple of days. Two members of the Dorothy Haynesworth Garden Club came for a tour and visit on Thursday and today we had approximately 20 teacher cadet students from Wade Hampton High School. Also Eastside High School teacher cadets will be coming on September 23. We appreciate the interest in Washington Center and hope that some of these teacher cadets will decide to pursue careers in programs like ours at Washington Center.

This week in class some of our students talked about molecules as well as properties of solids, liquids and gasses. In the Social Studies realm, they discussed historical documents such as the constitution, while in ELA they explored components of texts, such as authors, titles and main ideas. Additionally, some students practiced building sentences, and everyone had hearing screened. 

I hope you all are checking out information related to Eastside’s Spirit week. You may do this by going to www.eastsidespiritweek.com. If you or your friends and family members are golfers or runners, we hope you will consider participating in Eastside’s 5K on October 1 or their golf tournament on October 4. Remember, the money they generate will be coming right back to our students here at Washington Center, so we need to do all we can to support them.

Challenge Day at Bob Jones is right around the corner in that it is scheduled for September 30. Linda Hill and Cindy Brown met with folks from County Rec this week to finalize plans. 

Picture day will be on September 20 here at the main campus and at the Hollis campus on September 21. Homebound students are invited to come to have their pictures made at 11:30 at either campus --- main campus on the 20th and Hollis campus on the 21st. Since we plan to have a yearbook again this year, we hope we can get pictures of all of our students.

Next week we will have physicals for Special Olympics and interim progress reports will go home on the 15th. PTA is continuing with their brick sale to support the nature trail we will be building, so I hope many of you will purchase bricks to be used as part of the trail, though we don’t know yet quite how.

I am meeting today with a project manager from the district to discuss plans for getting the trail underway, and I will update everyone as information develops.


Have a good weekend and we look forward to seeing everyone on Monday.