We are beginning to look like Christmas around here with decorated trees courtesy of Valerie Allen, Kristi Kingren and Angie Jenkins and lots of other decorations in classrooms, on doors, and up here in the office area. Thanks to everyone who has helped get us into the spirit of the holidays.

We got great news today in that Jeff Hart called to say that Linda Thigpen has been selected to be next week’s Golden Apple Award winner. Linda Hill nominated her for this well-deserved recognition and referred to her as a “teacher of teachers”. 

Our PTA met Thursday to work on plans for the spring Run, Walk and Roll, and next month we will be meeting at Hollis on January 4 at 1. The address for Hollis is:  200 Goodrich Street, Greenville, SC.

Classes this week have gone shopping and bowling and several groups went to see the Festival of Trees at the Hyatt downtown. Classes studied living and nonliving things, the solar system, and technology gifts they might want to think of giving to someone. Also, students have been making holiday cards and other craft items.

I have a couple of reminders: pictures with Santa will be on Tuesday of next week, so you might want to send your student to school in festive attire. Also, if you would like to order from Cherrydale farms, you may still do this by going to the link on our website. Also on our website is the link to the state report cards for all schools. Washington Center has three. One for elementary, one for middle; and, one for high school.

Have a good weekend and we will look forward to seeing everyone on Monday.