On Monday and Tuesday, we had classes out shopping and one that visited the Upcountry History Museum, while students here at school have been busy with lots of Thanksgiving activities. Groups talked about Pilgrims and the history of the holiday, and others made construction paper turkeys and Pilgrim and Indian hats. At Hollis, students read the book, What I Am Thankful For; and, when they get back from Thanksgiving break, they will be reading Polar Express.

Denise is already putting up Christmas decorations here at school, and beginning next week, the holiday season will go into full swing. During the first two weeks in December, Klaver Klub girls’ gifts will be sent home as they are received; and, I see the following events on my calendar:

Monday, November 28 – The day we return from Thanksgiving --- PTA will be decorating the school tree.  Volunteers needed-

December 6: Santa Pictures at Hollis and Main Campus---

December 7: Gifts from Furman’s Heller group distributed---

December 12: JL Mann Special Education Chorus performing on main campus--

December 13: Saint Mary’s Concert here on main campus --

December 14: PTA will provide Staff Appreciation Luncheon

Week of December 12: The classes at Hollis will be studying Christmas around the World.

December 15th: On main campus, folks will wear pajamas while viewing the movie, A Christmas Carol, drinking hot chocolate, and eating pudding prepared by students in Daily Living classes. As a special treat, -Oreo, our resident rabbit, will ride around in a wagon passing out Oreo cookies. Hollis will be doing a variety of Gingerbread Man activities – cooking, crafts and books---- and parents are invited to the culminating Polar Express event on December 9.

December 16: Santa will visit and stay for our party, and the Daughters of Penelope will be back to provide treats for everyone. 

The Christmas break will be from December 17 thru January 1. 


That’s it for us.  Enjoy your turkey and your family, and take care if you are traveling. See everyone Monday, November 28.