With all the American Education Week activities, in addition to class trips and onsite visitors, we have been very busy this week. Classes have gone shopping, swimming, bowling, eating out and visiting Falls Park downtown. During instructional periods, students have continued to study various locations such as Maggie Valley and Mesa Arizona, to discuss topics such as outer space, and to read books such as, The Best School Year Ever.

On Wednesday we had a visit from Leadership South Carolina folks and they were very complimentary of our program. I think they especially liked the animals in the environmental science center --- took lots of pictures with our bearded dragon and with Carlos, our resident Cockatiel. On Wednesday, SIC met, and this year we are pleased that we will have a number of new parent members: Stone Harper, Jane Hart, Rilla Holmes, Valerie Allen, and Holly Kopp. Our next SIC meeting will be January 18, and meetings are always open to anyone interested in Washington Center.

Also on Wednesday, PTA served lunch to staff members, and we send many thanks to our PTA for their ongoing thoughtfulness. 

I guess you can tell that Wednesday was a big day here. In addition to Leadership South Carolina folks visiting, SIC meeting, and lunch being served, early that morning a group of us met with our landscape architects to review nature trail plans. We intend to put plans out for bid before the holidays, and we look forward to having a number of contractors who will be interested in working with us on the project. You might like to check our website and Facebook page for the most recent renderings. Target completion date for the trail is summer, 2017.

On Thursday we had many parents, grandparents and friends here and at our Hollis campus for Thanksgiving lunch. We very much appreciate the extra efforts of our cafeteria staff and the staff at Hollis, as well as the support of those who joined our children for this celebration.

Today was district personnel appreciation day, and Colleen Salling and Jennifer Lancaster put together an electronic thank you card for us to send to folks in the district who have helped us out during the last year. These ladies did a great job – we love the video – and on our website and Facebook page you can find both the card and a longer version that includes more students. Also the card is being posted on the district’s website and Facebook page. 

Our November fire drill on the main campus is scheduled for today, so by the time you hear this message, it will have been conducted. Also today, Washington Center at Hollis students were able to watch a “Career Parade” with Hollis Academy students all dressed up as what they might like to be when they grow up.  

Now I am pretty sure everyone is ready for the weekend. Take care and have a good one. Remember, next week will be short--- just Monday and Tuesday. Then we move on to Christmas activities, and we have many planned for this year.    pr