This was a special and very busy week so there is lots to report. Among other things, we had a successful PTA sponsored Family Night last night, for which we send many thanks to our PTA, to Sharon Russo, and to the Klaver Klub girls for all that was done to make the evening a great one. Thanks also to Traci Hogan, our new Assistant Superintendent for Special Education Services, who joined us and spoke to the group. Additionally, Mike Teachey from Greenville CAN gave a brief overview of plans to survey individuals with disabilities about recreational opportunities they would like to see made available in Greenville County.

On Thursday two classes attended a Swamp Rabbits hockey game and today other students went to the Michelin Children’s Concert. Thanks to Linda Hill for coordinating the hockey adventure and to Julie Dail for making arrangements for the Michelin concert. Also on Friday our Sea Gull Grill cranked up with staff being sold delicious lunches prepared by students in Virginia Cook‘s class and desserts provided by Linda Kemp’s class. Assistance was also provided by Sarah Ashworth in the Daily Living Skills classroom.

Christ Church eighth graders came for Reading Buddies this week, and Hillcrest High teacher cadets brought electronic stories they had developed for all of our classes. Also, on Monday, the Pediatric Dental Association folks were on campus to pass out Halloween treats, quickly followed by gifts of toothbrushes and toothpaste. We are, as always, most grateful for the community support our students receive. Certainly the program here is enhanced every day by the folks that come to share in the lives of our students. 

We have a new speech pathologist coming to work with students on both campuses, and we all welcome Ms. Melissa Brother. She will be picking up students and classes not served by Carrie Cruce.

Hopefully, last week everyone received a copy of the Washington Center fall newsletter. Linda Thigpen and Barbara Bingham worked very hard on this project, and they were assisted this year by Gloria Munoz who provided Spanish translation services. All of these ladies did a great job and if you did not receive your copy, please let your student’s teacher know.

This week classes studied space and earth science topics, and most had lessons related to the upcoming elections, which for some classes included mock elections. Very interesting. You might not be surprised to hear that some of our students had very definite ideas about the candidate for whom they wished to vote. We also had classes out in the community shopping and bowling and others will be doing the same next week. Today was the last day for Pennies for Pasta, and we send thanks to our PTA and to Kathy Trout and Erin Sosebee for helping students collect money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

We are starting a new and fun initiative this year called “Time Out in the Community”, and it involves our students establishing a pen pal relationship --- and maybe eventually a school visit relationship –with two of the SEC women’s basketball teams which will be in Greenville in March for their tournament. We have been assigned Vanderbilt and Texas A&M, and each class will be following the progress of one of the teams throughout the season. Letters and pictures and such will be exchanged, and when the teams are in Greenville, we hope that we will be able to arrange site visits.

Everyone remember to turn your clocks back on Saturday night and mark calendars for no school on Election Day, November 8. The following week with be American Education Week, with lots going on, so I will have more on that next week.

Have a great weekend.