Everybody has been busy here, and we appreciate the extra effort many of our families have had to put into getting kids to school without the benefit of bus transportation. Hopefully everything will be back to normal by Monday.

Classes this week studied various aspects of Hispanic culture and for some that included making nachos. Others learned about how a flashlight works and/or how to take care of plants. On Wednesday, Ms. Julie Dail hosted a “Sing Along” for students and staff, and folks that wore their Superhero outfits in honor of Jacob Hall had their pictures made.

PTA met on Wednesday on our Hollis campus and conversation about next spring’s Run, Walk and Roll began. I was asked to let you know that the PTA would welcome volunteers for a committee that will be planning the annual event. It is a lot of work, so the more parents, students, and/or staff members who have a little time and are willing to help out, the better. Also, we want to remind you of the bricks PTA is selling for the nature trail. The cost is thirty-five dollars and forms can be found on our website. Additionally, the HomeyBaked Ham and the Cherrydale Farms sales are underway, and we hope many of you will support these PTA initiatives. Maybe do a little Christmas shopping.

A big thank you this week to both our school and district maintenance folks who found and immediately cut away a small area of mold discovered on the sheetrock behind a baseboard in one of our classroom storage areas. We quickly relocated students from the adjoining classroom, called parents, and will have students return to the room only when we get an "all clear" on air samples to be taken on Saturday. Always, the health and safety of our students are primary and certainly we are grateful to Angie for her vigilance and to our district staff members who take immediate action any time there is a problem in our building.

Family Night this year will be November 3rd and Sharon Russo has many service providers lined up for the event. I will let you know more about which specific organizations and individuals will be here when we get closer to the time, but in the past we have found that this has been a great opportunity for folks to find out about services available for people with disabilities and their families. Also, since we are not having a fall craft day this year, several of our classes will set up tables displaying craft items that can be ordered ---Again, another opportunity for Christmas shopping. A taco dinner will be served, compliments of the PTA, and as a special treat that evening, our new Assistant Superintendent for Special Education Services, Traci Hogan, will join us and will make a few comments. We very much look forward to introducing her to you. 

This week ended with a big Spirit Week finale at Eastside High School which Linda Hill and I attended along with several of our students and their parents.  Also, our renowned graduate, Gregory Morgan, came to sing “Waiting on the World to Change”.   It was amazing, and the enthusiasm and energy of the Eastside students were unforgettable.  Tonight’s football game will begin at 7:30, and I think the check presentation will occur at that time.   Next week it is back to the books for the Eastside folks, but I don’t doubt that they will find plenty of ways to have a good time – post Spirit Week.    We will definitely do our best to be good stewards of the money they raised for us and to build a nature trail that they and our other donors will be proud of for years to come.  We look forward to having Eastside students visit us here often in the months to come and to hearing of great things these smart, kind, articulate students will do in the future.  Thank you Eastside! You make us all proud! 

Take care everyone and have a great weekend.  Remember --- no school for students on Thursday and Friday of next week.    We’ll be looking for everyone on Monday.