What a day we have had!  The weather has been beautiful; the kids did great both at Eastside’s Spirit Week kick off assembly and at Bob Jones University’s Challenge Day; and, we think most likely we are sending home tired children. Gregory Morgan, who graduated last year, came back and sang for the opening ceremonies at Bob Jones, and he has agreed to do it again at Eastside High School next Friday afternoon when they conclude their Spirit Week activities. He is always a hit. Also, Traci Hogan, the district’s new Assistant Superintendent for Special Education Services, was a part of the welcoming ceremonies at Bob Jones. 

Thanks ever so much to all the folks at both places who did the planning and management for the two events. A special thanks goes to Linda Hill and Cindy Brown who coordinated things at Bob Jones from our end, to Randy Muir and his staff at Greenville Recreation Association, and to all the teachers, paras, volunteers, nurses, parents, high school and college students and others who made both events successful. Special kudos go to the bus folks who got all our kids to Bob Jones right on time and brought them back safely.

Eastside’s Spirit Week activities will start tonight with an adult dinner in Greer, and there will be something --- sometimes several “somethings” –each day culminating in a final assembly on Friday afternoon and the football game Friday night. Please join in to support the hard work these students are doing for Washington Center. Tee shirt order forms are available on our website --- $10 for gray ones and $15 for blue ones that will be available mid-week. In addition to the fun activities like the 5K run in the morning and the golf tournament on the fourth, Eastside welcomes donations and they are partnering with numerous restaurants for profit sharing on designated nights. Please check out www.eastsidespiritweek.com, and plan to eat out a lot next week.

Linda Thigpen hosted a group from Family Connections on Monday of last week and said that they asked many good questions about the program here. Also, we have asked teachers use Donor’s Choose to request items they might need for their classrooms. If you are looking for a way to support your child’s classroom, the Donors Choose tab should be on each teacher’s website.

Please mark your calendars for October 13 and 14 in that there will be no school for students on those days. Teachers will have work days and our teachers will be visiting some of the residential placements in Greenville that are available to individuals with disabilities.

That’s it for us.  Have a great weekend and enjoy the beautiful weather.