School Messenger

August 12, 2016


Teachers have been busy all week getting ready, and our “Meet the Teacher” event will be from 1-3 on Monday afternoon.  We hope you will attend as we have a number of new staff members, and our building will all be decked out reflecting this year’s theme which is: It’s a Colorful World. PTA has purchased colorful ---very colorful---shirts for each staff member and student, and those will be given out on Monday. On Tuesday, we will be on a full schedule.

Please read the information in your student packets carefully. Again this time we are asking families to complete the free or reduced lunch applications, even if your student is homebound, tube-fed or bringing meals from home. Of note, this year all Greenville County students will be receiving free breakfasts each school day. 

Most important-----please give us multiple numbers to try in order to reach you or someone you designate in case of an emergency. In the past, we have sometimes had problems when numbers were out of date or work places changed and we didn’t have enough current information to reach families. Teachers and paraprofessionals leave for other responsibilities by 3 and our office officially closes at 4. After that we do not have adequate staff to supervise students, so it is very important for all of our students to be on their way home as close to 2:30 as possible and for someone to be at home to receive those who ride busses.

This week we will send home the parent handbook, in addition to posting it on our website. Many thanks to Gloria Munoz who has again graciously translated the handbook into Spanish. Hopefully, we have provided the most important information you will need about school for the current year, and that includes instructions for downloading the Remind App which we use for emergency or weather related notifications. Also, please check your teacher’s website for a list of requested classroom items.

Teachers will soon be getting information to you about classroom activities and special events. You may want to go ahead and mark your calendar for September 20 for individual pictures on the main campus and September 21 for ones at Hollis. Also, our annual Bob Jones Challenge Day will be September 30, and in the next couple of weeks Linda Hill will be sending home information about physicals for those students who will require them in order to participate. The Eastside Spirit Week will begin September 30, so you will hear lots more about how our students will be given opportunities to participate in that initiative, in that the money generated will support construction of our nature trail behind the school.

I think that covers the information I need to share today. We are excited to be getting back to school and look forward to a great year with our very special students.  Come and visit often, and please consider joining PTA.