We are all enjoying the warmer weather we are having, and classes this week went to the library, to Miracle Hill, to Roper Mountain Science Center, to Frankie’s Fun Park, and to the art museum, as well as to restaurants and stores. Our students seem to get a great deal out of their community experiences and we are grateful to Special Education Services and to other Greenville County schools whose donations have supported the initiative throughout the year. Next week we will again have classes going shopping and on picnics, so hopefully the weather will continue to permit these outings. Also next week, on Wednesday, May 18, we will have our last SIC meeting here at the main campus at 1. Please come by if you are available at that time.


Our PTA met on Thursday, and they have a few items for me to bring to your attention. First of all, they would love to have more parents involved in PTA activities and with that in mind, are planning to hold some of their meetings at Hollis next year, thinking that location might be more convenient for some of the parents of younger students. Also, they wanted to make certain that all parents know that the PTA meetings are uploaded on the school’s YouTube channel and can be accessed from the school’s main website. Anyone who does not have internet access at home can make arrangements to come to school when it is convenient to view the meetings on one of our school computers. 


We have Community Day coming up on May 27th, and we are looking forward to having numerous guests representing a wide range of professions. PTA would like to have a snow cone truck here to provide treats for students, but they need some parents to volunteer to help with serving the cones. If you might be available to help out with this on the morning of May 27th, please contact Susie Robinson at 399-0015.  It should be fun, and we would very much appreciate the help. 


Other news is that IEP meetings for the year are complete and kudos goes to Linda Hill, our teachers, and parents for all it has taken to accomplish that tremendous task. I think about 140 meetings have been conducted and we have felt that they have been productive and have paved the way for good things for the remainder of this school year and for the next. Similarly, testing is complete, and Linda Thigpen has done a great job of organizing this initiative and keeping everyone on track. Thanks to her and to the teachers who have worked with her to make it happen. We have already started after school workshops for teachers in preparation for the next school year, and many of our staff members will be attending Summer Academy and/or Technology Conference sessions during the summer. Next week our teacher of the year, Julie Dail, will be recognized at the Salute to Education Banquet and on May 26, one of our custodians, Lilianna Rabanal, will be recognized at the Retirement Dinner. 


Looking ahead a little more, we will have abbreviated days on May 31 and June 1 and 2 in that we will be dismissing at noon.  Graduation will be at 9:30 on June 1st, and the last student day will be June 2. While you have your calendar out, please mark Monday, August 15 from 1-3 for Meet the Teacher and Tuesday, August 16 for the first day of school for students for the new year. 


That’s it for us. Have a great weekend.