We have had a great week here, culminating in an exceptional Craft/Alumni Day. Many thanks to Jean Ashmore and Lacoyah Smith for organizing this event and to all the teachers, parents and students who made items to sell. Also, a big shout out to our Christ Church volunteers who helped with pushing wheelchairs and taking students around to the various tables and to the past Washington Center students, teachers and staff members who came to support us and to visit with old friends.

Many thanks as well to our PTA for all the kindnesses during Teacher Appreciation Week --- lunch, breakfast, calendars --- and to all the parents who sent desserts on Thursday. This week we also recognized and thanked our nurses, our custodians, our cafeteria folks and our bus drivers for all the ways in which they help us take care of our students and make Washington Center the great school it is.

With the spring weather, classes are getting out more and more, and this week we had folks going to the zoo and the park, and of course, eating out and shopping. Several groups celebrated Cinco de Mayo by eating Mexican food on Thursday, and next week we have classes scheduled for visits to parks and the library as well as planning to go to restaurants and stores. Also next week will be our last visit by the dog therapy folks. They and their pets have been most faithful this year, and our kids love having them come to visit. On Thursday at 1, the PTA will have their rescheduled meeting, and parents who are interested in participating in PTA activities are very much invited to join us.

Looking ahead we have Community Day  coming up on May 27, a school holiday on May 30, short days on May 31, June 1 and 2, Graduation/Awards Day June 1,  and the last day of school on June 2. A busy time for sure ----

I think that is it for us.  We hope everyone will have a special and happy Mother’s Day.