We are all having a great time with the holiday activities, and we are looking forward to lots more things next week.  We hope you will plan to drop by when you have time.

 Today we were very happy to receive a gift of $500 from the Mauldin High School teacher cadets.  Actually, it was a little more than $500.  Students there heard that we are trying to raise enough money to buy new laptop computers for our teachers, and they held a clothing drive to benefit folks who needed things for winter and to raise money for us.  What a kind gesture, and we are very grateful to them, especially to a young lady named Olivia McGuirt who organized the fundraiser.

This week a group of fourth through eighth graders from St Mary’s Catholic School came and gave a band, strings and choral concert for our students.  We all loved it; our folks were very attentive; and, the St. Mary’s students performed remarkably.  Also, this week Amanda Wakely had three of our classes participate in another skype session with a class from Taylors Elementary, and we now have posted in our hall some beautiful art work shared by students at Sterling School.  They are sharing some of our artwork at their school. 

Keep an eye out for your student’s gift from the Klaver Club girls, as we are sending those home as they come in.  We also received a box of very useful gifts from the Furman Heller Service Corps.  They sent batteries --- which we never have enough of ---and bandana’s which our kids love to wear around their necks.

Our students were out and about this week shopping, bowling, going to restaurants and visiting the Festival of Trees downtown.  Also, our PTA has been in touch with high school principals about inviting two seniors to join our PTA board to help with plans for the April 9th Run, Walk and Roll, so we look forward to having those additions to our PTA group.

Hollis had their own Polar Express day on Wednesday and they enjoyed a holiday “sing along” today, Friday.  Next week they will continue their study of holidays around the world, and they will all be coming over here for our big holiday party on Friday.

Please remember to send in books for the library book tree and charity donation and to check your teacher’s Donor Choose site to see how you can help with things they need in their classrooms.  Remember, this month, all donations on Donor’s Choose will be matched, so it is a great way to help out a class.

Coming up on main campus we still have Polar Express Day on December 17, Brashier Middle College Charter High School students coming on the 15th to work with students on holiday crafts, and Santa’s visit on 12/18 with refreshments courtesy of the Daughters of Penelope and wheelchair pushers from Christ Church School.  Also, next week the holiday edition of our school newsletter will be sent out.  Many thanks to Linda Thigpen and Barbara Bingham for their work on the newsletter and to Lisabeth Ramos for translating it into Spanish.

I think that sums things up for us.  Best wishes to everyone, and I hope you are all having lots of fun during the holiday season.