Since Monday we have been celebrating American Education week.  We have had treats, lunches and doughnuts, and our custodial staff will be served a pizza on Monday.  We also enjoyed having so many of our parents here for Thanksgiving lunch. 

This week we had classes who went shopping and to the Fire Station, and guests on campus who included a group from the Little Theatre who performed “Junie B Jones” and an auctioneer who auctioned off items for two of our classes. 

Both PTA and SIC met this week.  PTA is working hard on the annual Walk and Roll to be held April 9 at Furman University; and this year, in addition to walking and rolling, there will be a 5K run, so encourage all your running enthusiasts to join us for a great event.  SIC helped us come up with ideas for funding our proposed nature trail, and we want to send many thanks to Ms. Dot Yount of Arbor Engineering who completed and presented plans for the beautiful trail we hope to have built.  We were pleased and surprised this week to receive a $500 donation from one of our grandparents to help with refreshing teacher computers.  As always, we are most grateful for the support we receive from families and community partners.

Next week will be a short one ---just Monday and Tuesday and I hope everyone has big plans for Thanksgiving.  The week we return we will all be going to the Children’s Museum, thanks to Riverside and Carolina High’s donations, and on December 18 we will have our annual Santa visit.

One other item, I have been asked to let everyone know that Special Education Services has begun hosting parent training sessions related to evaluations, eligibility, IEP development and other special education topics on the second Tuesday of each month from 8:30 until 10:00 in the morning at Anderson Support Center.  Parents who might be interested in attending one of these meetings should call Caroline Neely at 452-0038

Enjoy your weekend, and we will see everyone back here on Monday.