We had a great Family Night last night, and we were very pleased to have so many of you here to enjoy delicious dinner and to talk with the service providers.  Many thanks to Sharon Russo, Kim Skipper, and Angie Jenkins, our PTA, the Klaver Klub girls, and all who helped put this event together.  Thanks as well to those of you who supported our Book Fair which ended today.  Please note that books can still be ordered from Scholastic through November 14 by going to the Quick Link on the Washington Center website.  

On Thursday, Gregory Morgan was interviewed at school by a reporter from Fox News, prior to his performance as one of the guest conductors at today’s Michelin Children’s Concert at the Peace Center.  Check out Gregory’s story on the Fox news website.  It aired Thursday night on the ten o’clock news.  Gregory will also be singing during the opening ceremonies of the State Special Olympics event at the TD Center tonight.  He has become quite a celebrity.

Another student who gets big congratulations this week is Timmy Stringer.  Timmy won first place in the Lions Club’s International Art Contest   His winning entry was submitted in the Peace Poster contest, and his work is being displayed here at school.

Many thanks to Dot Yount who is the landscape architect who has been helping us plan for the nature trail we will be building behind the school.  Ms. Yount has drawn up tentative plans, and she presented them to us on Thursday afternoon.  This is a very exciting venture and we are most grateful to Ms. Yount for getting us started in that she provided her services at no charge.

On Wednesday, Amanda Wakely, our art teacher, facilitated a skyping session between Ms. Gantt’s class and a third grade class at Taylors Elementary.  Additionally, plans are underway for some of our Washington Center students to become pen pals with students in Ms. Wakely’s brother’s class in a school in England.  All lots of fun.  Also, several of us met with a representative from the Governor’s School on Wednesday, and they have offered to have their students develop and paint a mural in the hallway beside our cafeteria and to also send student musical groups here to perform.  We think this will be a great partnership.

Turkey dinner will be served at the main campus and at Hollis on November 19, so I hope many of you will take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy having lunch with your student.  Even sooner, we have Craft Day coming on November 13.  Please plan to do some of your holiday shopping with us, as money generated by the Craft Fair goes directly into classroom accounts to fund activities for those students.

Just as an fyi, we have been informed that beginning December 1, all students eating in Title One schools will be provided both breakfast and lunch at no charge.  Since Hollis is a Title One school, this will apply for all of our Washington Center students who are there.

Next week we have classes eating out and shopping, as well as making visits to a fire station and to the animal shelter.  Additionally, some classes will be involved in Veterans Day activities that will take place during the week.  Reading Buddies from Christ Church School will be here, and we will be mailing home NCSC score reports for all students who were tested using that instrument.

Please remember that we are soliciting funds for our computer refresh, so if you know of individuals or organizations that might be willing to help, we would very much appreciate the support.

I hope everyone will have a great weekend, and we look forward to seeing many of you back here on the 13th for our Craft Fair.