We have had quite a “Boo in the School” day today, and we want to thank Jean Ashmore and her committee, as well as all the parents, friends and volunteers ---100 Christ Church students --- who came and helped us to make the event a big success.   Check out our website and Facebook page for pictures.   

Even before today, we have been busy.  We had a school group from Hillcrest High on Monday, and as the students left, one of the young ladies stopped me and said, “This is definitely the work I want to do when I finish school.”    Since, I have had an email saying that several of the students would like to become Washington Center volunteers-- maybe this summer during ESY.   They were a great group of kids, and our students loved the silly socks and songs they brought along.   Monday we also toured Bob Jones University’s president and his wife, Dr. and Ms. Pettit, and Ms. Beth Horn who helped coordinate Challenge Day for us.  We very much appreciate their interest in and support for our students , and speaking of support --- this week we were very happy to receive a check from Carolina High School for $500 to help  pay for buses we use to take students out in the community.  Thanks so much to Carolina High School students.  You’re the best.

This week we had several classes going to pick apples and others who went shopping, bowling, and out to eat.  Next week we have a group attending a concert at the Peace Center on Friday, and our Gregory Morgan has been selected to conduct a portion of that concert.  Gregory also has been invited to sing the Star Spangled Banner for the opening ceremonies for Greenville County Rec’s Fall Special Olympics to be held this weekend.

Next Thursday is Family Night, and I hope many of you will bring your families and come for the lasagna dinner and an opportunity to meet community organization representatives who will be prepared to talk with you about what services they have to offer.  Also, our book fair is set up and ready for business on Monday, and folks are quickly getting ready for Fall Craft Day on November 13.     One other special opportunity for our students this week will be skyping with an art class from Taylors Elementary School on November 4.    We think this will be fun for both classes and will help all the children get to know each other a little better.

From time to time I am asked what we need at Washington Center, so I thought I would mention two possibilities for any of you who might be interested or who might be a part of organizations or groups that would like to help.   We are asking teachers to post “wish lists” on their websites, so that is definitely one way to provide additional support with small items for individual classes.    A major financial initiative we have under way at the moment has to do with funding new teacher and administrative computers.  This is our “Refresh Year” through the district and we have been allocated a little more than $16,000 to work on this.  Teacher computers cost approximately $1,000 apiece, and of course are used constantly for everything from attendance and lesson planning to instructional delivery and communication with parents.  Some of the computers we are replacing are as many as 6 years old, and all are at least four years old.  At the moment with what we have received from the district and a little money from our donation account, we can purchase 19 of the 33 computers we need.    Our goal is to refresh teachers first, as well as a few of the office/administrators who have devices that are pretty much limping along.    If you are aware of any groups who might be interested in helping us purchase computers, we would be most grateful for the support. 

Thanks again to everyone for all you do, for sharing your students with us and for supporting all of us here at school.  We look forward to having parents here for Thanksgiving lunch on November 19 and to the upcoming holidays November 25-27.  Have a great weekend.