We have just finished a very successful --- though damp---Challenge Day at Bob Jones.  We send many thanks to all who worked so hard to make this a fun day, including of course, the staff and students from Bob Jones, Greenville County Rec people, our other two sponsors, Chick Fil A and Pepsi, and certainly our own teachers, paras, bus drivers and nurses.  Also a big shout out to Linda Hill who coordinated the event from the Washington Center end and to Lara Ceisel who did the same for Bob Jones and County Rec.  This is quite a project every year and we think it is a reflection of true commitment to our students.

We are excited to announce that we have been chosen to receive a $2000 grant from Macy’s and that we will put this money toward adding additional iPads in several classrooms.  We have asked teachers to let us know how the additional technology could be integrated into their instruction and then we will fund as many of the requests as possible.  Also, many thanks to our generous PTA for the two new laminators we got in this week.  Teachers will definitely enjoy having fully functioning laminators available to them again. 

Classes have started getting out on community trips.  A couple of groups have started going to Furman for swimming lessons, and others will soon be going bowling and horseback riding and making trips to restaurants, stores and parks.  On October 30 we will have our annual Boo in the School day, and on November 6 a group of our students will be going to the Peace Center for a Michelin Youth Concert.

PTA will meet next week on Thursday at 12:30, and we will soon have a definite date for this year’s Walk and Roll which will be held at Furman in April.  Family Night this year will be on November 5 and a couple of weeks later we will have Craft Day on November 13.  This is bit of a change for us, however, teachers asked for an earlier craft day in order to get in on some of the Christmas shopping business and to raise money for their classes to use during the current school year.  In the spring we are planning a “reunion/alumni” event, and on that day there will be classroom crafts for sale as well. 

We are still seeking nominations for parent SIC representatives, so if you are interested in being a part of this group, please let your child’s teacher know.  We need to finalize the membership for SIC by mid-October.

That’s it for today.  Stay dry and have a good weekend.  We’ll see everyone back on Monday.