We have had quite a week here with Wednesday’s Awards Day and Graduation at the main campus; Awards Day at Hollis on Thursday; and, our last day of school for students and End of School Luncheon for staff today.    The luncheon, by the way, was amazing and was provided by Keith and Christy Kingren and some of the Knights of Columbus.  Also, many thanks to Sarah Ashworth for coordinating things on our end.    Thanks as well to Claire Blouir, Julie Dail and Marvin Dirton for all the planning they put into the graduation ceremony.   Perhaps those of you who were here noticed the new WC on the back of the stage.  We think Amanda Wakely did a great job of painting it; and, the look of our stage is much improved. 

Also congratulations to everyone who received special recognition at award days or at graduation, but please know that all of our students did a great job this year.    We are so proud of the growth we have seen in our young people, and we are especially proud of our three graduates:  Cleveland Davis, Davis Dalby and Brady Stoddard.  We will miss these three young men but hope they will come back to visit often. 

We have had some other interesting things going on here.  Check our website for pictures of a baby bird that Cathy Bush has rescued and that today our students helped to feed.  Also, my own thanks to Amanda Wakely and the Washington Center students who gave me a beautiful painting of the school that they all participated in making.   They did the painting from a picture Heather Herdt took at sunrise last winter------ the same one that is in the front of the yearbook and on the “Report to Parents” brochure.   For now we are going to hang it in the office hall so folks can see it, so stop by and take a look. 

We are sad about the staff members who will not be with us after this year but send best wishes to them for all future endeavors.  Claire Blouir is retiring, as are Rhonda Dreher and Linda Brown.  Also we are saying good bye to Ally Malone and Amy Gosnell from Hollis who are both going on to pursue other professional goals.     On a very personal note---- to our staff, to our students, and to the families who support all of us, thank you so much for all you have done to make this a great year.  I feel so very privileged to work with each of you, and I hope you will have wonderful --- and safe--- summer break.  See you  August 17th for Meet the Teacher, if not before.