I hope everyone has had a chance to take a look at the yearbooks we sent home today, as we think they are great.  Many kudos to Barbara Bingham and Jennifer Gault for the work they did to put these together.  Also, we had originally planned to publish yearbooks only every two or three years, but this one has been received so well, that we are wondering if everyone would like to have one each year.  We placed a form in the yearbooks that were sent home asking for some feedback on this, so let us know what you think.  If there is enough interest and folks feel that they would be willing to pay $15 for a book, we are open to the idea of publishing one each year.

Also in terms of this year’s yearbook, we have had some requests for additional copies.  The company has agreed to publish them for us again if we are able to order as many as 25.   So if you wish to have additional yearbooks, please notify Jennifer Gault in our Media Center by noon on Monday.    If we do place another order, the books will be delivered during the summer.

This week our Technology Committee met to begin plans for next year’s technology refresh.  We have lots of ideas about improvements we would like to make in regard to our technology, so the committee members will to have to prioritize our needs.

Today the spring newsletter went out, and it is available online, by email from teachers, or in hard copy in the office.  We have it in English and Spanish and we send many thanks to Linda Thigpen and Barbara Bingham for their work on this edition.    Also today, in addition to a yearbook party, our students at Hollis enjoyed “water day”.    Everyone had a great time at both events.

We are getting geared up for Graduation and Awards Day and are looking forward to having a big crowd here to celebrate with us.  Our three graduates this year are Davis Dalby, Cleveland Davis and    Brady Stoddard.  To them and their families we send our very best wishes.  Graduation will begin at 9:30 on Wednesday, and this year we will be able to stream the event into classrooms on our You Tube channel, so everyone will get to enjoy the ceremony.

We send our sympathy to Julie Dail’s family.  Julie’s nephew passed away this week, and she is currently in Texas where the funeral was held today.  On a happier note, congratulations to Terri   Wilson on the arrival of her new grandson,   Bryson Tyler.

Please remember that next week we will be dismissing at noon on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Students will arrive home earlier than usual, so please make plans to have someone there to meet them.