We have had a guest performer at school again this week.  Mr. Jason Currin, the solo percussionist for the Greenville Symphony, came on Wednesday to perform for our students, and we definitely experienced a lot of rhythm and unusual sounds.  Everyone loved making all the melodious noise, and we plan to have other musicians from the Symphony to perform for us next year. 

Teachers and paras have gotten students out for picnics, shopping, bowling and other outings this week, and next week we have classes going horseback riding.    Also, McKenzie Riley’s class has collected compost all year, and this week they planted green bean seeds to see if they would grow in the soil they generated. Hopefully they will have good luck with their green beans.    Also, Mr. Riley asked that I let everyone know that today concluded a very successful 14-15 season for Sea Gull Grill.  He and his class will be up and running again with their Friday lunches when the new school year begins.

Thursday, a representative from the Beck and Hughes Klaver Clubs came by to bring a check for our PTA for $5,000, and we are all amazed that middle school girls can raise so much money and be so very generous year after year.  We appreciate the kindness they show to Washington Center.  Also, today, volunteers from St. Josephs High School were on campus helping teachers and students get ready for Friday’s Craft Day – This are wonderful young people and we loving having them here with us.

Big news --- Colleen Salling has been selected as May’s Staff Member of the Month.  Colleen is a paraprofessional in Ms. Jean Ashmore’s class, and she has been on staff at Washington Center for 7 years.  She is a truly talented lady who very much loves each of the students in her care.  Congratulations Miss Colleen.

Please be sure to check out the current edition of City People.  There is a really cute picture of Catherine Burkhardt featured and a whole page article on our Environmental Science program and the work Cathy Bush is doing there.

Jennifer Gault asked that I mention to you that all next week our media center will be open for the spring book fair.  Folks can shop at school or can do so on the school’s website.  She hopes to raise as much as $1000, so please buy lots of books.

Next week will be Teacher Appreciation Week; Monday is “Bus Driver Appreciation Day”; and Thursday is Nurses Day; so, keep those folks in mind if you have a chance to say thank you.   

I think that sums things up for us here.  We hope everyone will have a great weekend, and we look forward to seeing you next week.