School Messenger

April 17, 2015

This has been a very special week in that we all went to Wade Hampton High School on Tuesday to see their drama group’s performance of Anansi the Spider.  It was a great trip --- the talented Wade Hampton students were very friendly to all of our children; and, we are grateful to Linda Hill who paid for everyone’s ticket.   I guess we will become “theater groupies” in that we have the Greenville Little Theater’s performers coming to school on April 22 to share their rendition of   A Duck Called Ugly.    We know we will all enjoy that performance as well.

On Wednesday we had the parent breakfast with the group from the hospital that is now called the Supportive Care Team, rather than the Palliative Care Team.  Very helpful information was shared, and we appreciated the PTA’s providing breakfast and Sharon Russo organizing the event.  Also, the school’s spring newsletter is ready, thanks to lots of work on the part of Barbara Bingham and Linda Thigpen.  Check your email to see it, or look on our website.  We also have some hard copies in the office for distribution.

Next week, in addition to the Greenville Little Theater folks, we have SIC on the 21st and Secretary’s Day on the 22nd.    Also, we will be posting the SIC’s annual “Report to Parents” after the SIC meeting on Tuesday, so be on the lookout for that.  Greenville Law Enforcement folks will be here again next week to conduct sessions with three Washington Center classes.  This is part of their initiative designed to help students become more comfortable with police officers and to learn how to respond to them should they have a public encounter.   By the end of the school year all classes on the main campus will have had this training, and we plan to continue the program next year in order to build good relationships between Law Enforcement personnel and our students. 

The Walk and Roll is right around the corner a week from Saturday on April 25, and we hope many of you will be there with us at 9 am at Brookwood Church.  Following close behind will be Craft Day on May 8, so classes are busy getting ready for that event.

Also, on Friday of next week Sharon Russo and Kim Skipper will be going to Columbia to receive our Golden Achievement Award from the SC chapter of the School Public Relations Association, and on Sunday, several other folks will go to Columbia to receive the Knights of Columbus Hope Foundation grant. 

No question about it, everyone here stays busy, and we invite you to join us for activities anytime you are available.  Take care and have a good weekend.