COVID-positive Case Verification through Backpack

Effective Monday, September 13, Greenville County Schools will begin using Backpack to notify parents when a COVID-positive case has occurred in their child’s classroom or team. The new Backpack notification process, which interfaces with PowerSchool, will allow principals to automatically distribute an email to parents of all students in a particular classroom. The new process is much faster and more efficient than our previous system of manually selecting each student’s name from the roster and entering it into a Phone Messenger system.

Please note that parents whose children are identified as “close contacts” will still receive a phone call from a school staff member.

If you have not done so already, parents should set up a Backpack account using the steps outlined here Once a parent sets up a Backpack account, the final step requires verification of identity and proof of custody. Parents should contact Lara Fernicola at 864-355-4230 with any questions concerning Backpack verifications.

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Backpack for Parents

A backpack for parents account provides parents, guardians, or contacts with a central place to sign in to do the following: