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GCS Elementary Art Show

Greenville County's District Elementary Art Show has begun! 

Click on GCS ELEMENTARY ART SHOW and learn more about this opportunity and view the incredible art of GCS. 


Attention Parents

Parents . . . We Need YOU! You might be able to help keep our students in school AND get paid while doing it.  We need SUBS!  When teachers have to be out for long periods of time for quarantine or, in more rare cases, positive test results, we sometimes do not have enough substitutes to keep all classes covered.  In most cases, the sub is responsible for reviewing the lesson plan for the day and providing instructional delivery and supervision.  There are circumstances where the teacher can teach remotely or prepare student materials via Google Classroom.  However, we still need an adult to supervise classes and ensure all safety protocols are being followed. 

If you are able to help serve as a substitute for Greenville County School, please Follow This Link to get started and be sure to let our secretary, Martha Lindsey, know. You can contact Mrs. Lindsey at mplindse@greenville.k12.sc.us. We will be happy to help facilitate the process.  You may choose to work at any school or you can select Slater-Marietta exclusively.  You can also choose to work on days that fit your schedule.  Slater-Marietta currently has several wonderful parents that sub regularly.  We could not have been consisten in serving our students without the support of our parents. 

We appreciate you considering applying to become a sub at Slater-Marietta!

At-Risk 4k Application

At-Risk 4K Application for 2021-2022 is January 11 through March 10, 2021. To comply with new procedures and protocols, the 4K preregistration and screening process has moved to an online format. We will not hold the face-to-face screening. To be considered, children must turn four years old on or beofre September 1, 2021.  Parents can apply online or call 8644-452-0437 if they do not have internet access. Completing the application does not have guaranteee that the child be enrolled. Notification of acceptance will be sent to parents via email by April 1, 2021. Children selected for 4K programs must demonstrate academic or developmental needs and/or risk factors such as low family income and low parent education level.  A child's primary custodial parent/legal guardian can submit the application. The GCS Virtual Program is not available to 4K students. 

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