Withdrawal Procedures Once the School Year Begins

  1. The parent or legal guardian needs to present a valid photo ID in the Counseling Office and sign the Withdrawal Form. For your convenience, this can be done several days prior to the student’s final day of attendance.
  2. On or before the final day your child attends Riverside High, he/she needs to report to the Counseling Office to complete the following:
    1. turn in all Library books to the Media Center and be prepared to pay fines if there are any
    2. turn in  Chromebook & charger
    3. turn in any textbooks to the Counseling Office and be prepared to pay lost book fines if there are any
    4. turn in school ID
    5. turn in parking pass
    6. return uniforms (athletic, etc.) to the teacher or coach who issued them
    7. pay any ID fines
    8. pay any outstanding debt to the cafeteria
    9. remove all personal items from locker
  3. Once we confirm that the student has turned in necessary items and paid any outstanding fines, we will provide a copy of the withdrawal form be used for enrollment at your next school. Your new school must fax us (864-355-7841) a Records Request Form on school letterhead in order to receive all official records after you enroll.

Questions about the withdrawal process can be directed to the appropriate alpha school counselor or to Kathy Phillips our Counseling/Records Assistant.