English Department

The Language Arts curriculum offers a sequential course of study that enables each student to function effectively in society whether he elects to go to college or to enter work upon graduation. The curriculum offers the student an aesthetic appreciation of the creative process through the study of established literary works and through the student’s own writing. Specific courses are geared to different levels of ability and, at the same time, are flexible enough to allow the student to change from one level to another depending upon his interests, motivation, past performance, and ability, with the exception of the honors level. The course descriptions for college prep and advanced levels of instruction are similar because the same literary works and concepts will be introduced and covered; however, the pace, the expectations, and the assessment will be different.

Cindy Armstrong

Cindy Armstrong
English Teacher/Cheerleading Coach

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Mary Margaret Delap

Mary Margaret Delap
English Teacher/Department Chair

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Karen Erickson

Karen Erickson
English Teacher/Yearbook Adviser

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Kyle Jackson
English Teacher