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Riverside High School offers a complete language program for students who are already proficient in the English language skills. Students may expect to achieve these goals: to understand, to speak, to read, and to write the foreign languages. We encourage all students who are interested in a foreign language for self-growth, college or a language-related career to pursue a foreign language at Riverside. Two years of the same foreign language are required for admission to S.C. Colleges. (Clemson requires 3 ) Regular level language courses are offered for those students who desire to meet the minimum language requirements. Advanced level courses are offered for those students who are able to work at an accelerated rate with a broadened exposure to the four skills. Honors level courses are offered for those students who are capable and desirous of working with complex language structures and who generally continue study at the college level. The first year of a foreign language class is designed for the student who is comfortable with the English language. Students are expected to maintain at least a B average in English in order to be recommended for the first year of Spanish, French or German.

Kapp Abbott

Kapp Abbott
Spanish Teacher /Department Chair/Technology

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