About Riverside High School

Riverside High SchoolOur Story

Riverside High School was established in 1973, however the building we are in today was completed in 2006. Our three-story building has been designated as an Energy Efficient Green School. Our large auditorium can seat 660 people, while our cafeteria can seat 600. We have several sports facilities on property including a football stadium that seats 3,500, gymnasium, lighted baseball and softball fields, and tennis courts. We have four administrators, 97 teachers, and 26 support staff employed at our school. 70.8% of our teachers have a Master's Degree.

Mission Statement

To instruct, prepare, and inspire students for success in future endeavors.

The mission of Riverside High School is to prepare students to become confident, competent, ethical individuals and responsible citizens by creating a positive and nurturing school environment where staff, students, parents, and the community work together to promote lifelong learning and to provide opportunities for students to reach their maximum potential.

Our Staff Believes:

Vision Statement

Through a plan for the continuous improvement of the school, with directed focus on students through effective teaching and leadership, Riverside seeks:

Philosophy of Riverside High School

The Riverside community is predominantly suburban with a diversity of inner-city and rural populations. The Riverside High School philosophy encompasses these diversities.

Riverside High School's philosophy of education is a belief that the school must share the responsibility of the individual student's development in all areas of his growth: mental, physical, cultural, civic, ethical, emotional, and social. The school must accept this responsibility in order to prepare the student for the rapidly changing social and economic conditions of the future. In addition to this responsibility, the school must contribute to the intrinsic value of the years that the student actually spends in the school so that those years will be of personal worth to the student.

To fulfill its philosophy of education, Riverside sets the educational pace and pattern best suited to the individual student's capacities by guiding the student to accept and to understand the difference in himself and in others and by offering the student various opportunities designed for his mental capacity.

Alma Mater

In spirit and in learning,
Our best in everything we do.
Warriors strong in brotherhood
Loyal red and blue.
Ties that bind us to each other
Fill our hearts with love and pride.
When we go our separate ways
We'll always remember....