Sophomore Information

The sophomore year should be a year of personal growth.  Continue to concentrate on academic preparation and continue to develop basic skills.  At this point, school is your profession.  In addition to working hard in school and being involved in activities, sophomores should be identifying personal abilities, aptitudes, and interests, as well as looking for ways to further develop their talents and skills.   

Meet with your guidance counselor to make sure you’re staying on track.  Make sure you’re enrolled in the courses you need to prepare you for college or a career. Move on to the next level of classes in the core subjects (English, math, science, history, and a foreign language).   

Keep your grades up.  There’s probably a lot competing for your attention, but it’s important to remain focused on doing well in your classes. Remember that a strong GPA will give you a lot of clout in getting a good college and in getting your share of scholarship money.    

Take on new roles.  Stay involved with your extracurricular activities and work toward leadership positions in the activities you like best.   

Become involved in some sort of community work.  Not only will this be important for your college applications, scholarships, and job applications, but it also helps you identify personal abilities, aptitudes, and interests.     

Begin to explore potential careers.  Explore your career options in more detail—research possible careers to learn about the tasks, education, and training necessary for each occupation.     

Begin learning about the college admissions process.  Get familiar with general college entrance requirements. Your School Counselor, college Web sites, and the library, are all good sources of information  

Read, read, read.  Developing your reading skills will help prepare you for tests and make you a well-rounded individual.  Read as many books as you can and read the newspaper to learn about current affairs. Reading is fundamental to virtually everything.   

Practice your writing.  You’ll need good writing skills no matter what path you pursue, so work on those skills now to get prepared. Find a teacher or another adult who can advise and encourage you to write well.  And think about this - reading a lot will help you with your writing.  Reading builds vocabulary and reinforces good grammatical usage and solid sentence and paragraph construction