History of Mountain View

In the Highland Township of Northern Greenville County, the community of Mountain View established a school district in 1911 and built a white frame elementary school building on one acre of property given by Mr. Pierce Jones.  The first trustees were Mr. Mack Lindsey, Mr. W.H. Chastain and Mr. Henry Willis.   More land was added to the original site and in 1921 the high school was built and opened with three teachers.  A second building with four classrooms and a gymnasium was later added to the high school building. In 1938 a separate auditorium with a seating capacity of 800 was built and the school consisted of a couple of two-story brick classroom buildings, one of which had a gymnasium, a bell tower, a home economics building, an auditorium, a shop, a cannery, a potato house, and a teacherage.

The teacherage was a wooden frame home with a large front porch and was used to give the unmarried teachers a place to stay.  The potato house was used to cure sweet potatoes.  Both the cannery and the potato house were operated by the vocational agriculture teacher for the benefit of the community.

In 1951 all 82 local school districts within Greenville County were consolidated into the School District of Greenville County and in 1954 Mountain View and Jordan High Schools were closed and their students were sent to the new Blue Ridge High School which is now Blue Ridge Middle School.

A new Mountain View Elementary School was built in 1957 on property adjacent to the Old Mountain View School.  A fire destroyed the old school buildings except for the cannery and the potato house.  The cannery was sold and the potato house was moved to the back of the property.  The old school site with its stone retaining walls and circular drive was over a period of years covered with growth until 1996 when the Mountain View Landmark Foundation built a stone memorial marker on the site of the old school.